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At Middle Barton School we aim to provide children with creative ways to develop their artistic and designing skills. We pride ourselves on the Artsmark we received in the spring of 2014 for the high quality art provision we provide to the children. We are currently in the process of re-applying for this award. Watch this space...

Sketch books

Art lessons involve each year group focusing on developing their artistic skills through observational drawings at three points of the year in individual sketch pads. The sketch pads are taken to the next year group with the children to show progression. In addition to this, children are given the opportunity to learn about the work of famous artists, investigate shape, line, texture, tone and colour through a range of 2D and 3D form.

Art Weeks

Each year, the whole school take part in various art week activities. In previous years this has included a beautiful mosaic, designed by a pupil, which is in our entrance area, a large outdoor mural, which celebrated our school's 150-year anniversary. Our most recent project is a 'values tree' whereby all members of the school helped to construct the 3D masterpiece. This is also in our entrance area, filled with leaves which link to our value for each school term. 


Our school takes part in the Young Art competition every year. This is a fantastic way for the children to explore a given theme and produce a piece of artwork they feel interprets the theme.


Design and technology lessons enable children to design, make and evaluate products through fun and focused practical tasks whilst learning to handle tools and equipment safely.  Children are encouraged to create products for a purpose and often the inspiration for their work originates from the class topic.  A few themed days we have held at our school include ‘Food and More’ coming in to work with Year 3 and 4 to create Spanish dishes, an Ancient Greek catapult day, our 'values tree' during one of our art weeks and an Anderson air-raid shelter craft day!

Long term plan

Click here to see our long term plan for Art.


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