Computing at  
Middle Barton School


The new Computing curriculum has now become a key part of the New Curriculum and will be taught in school across EYFS, Key Stage 1 and 2. Each year group will follow a sequence of learning each term; this will cover e-safety, computer science, programming and control, introducing algorithms, information technology and digital Literacy. At Middle Barton we deliver a range of varied activities on a rolling 3-year programme specifically focusing on E-Safety. 


The computing curriculum is made up of three important areas which will be taught throughout our school.

These are:

  • Computer science

  • Information technology

  • Digital Literacy

Attached is a long term plan which shows how ICT links to other areas of the curriculum and a breakdown for each year group.

Children will develop their skills and understanding of computer science, a core element of the new Computing curriculum. This involves programming, debugging and beginning to understand computer networking. Computing skills are an important tool in developing children’s skills and knowledge and also ensuring that they are aware of how to use Computing devices safely. Educating our children at Middle Barton School is paramount to us. The delivery of E-Safety sessions ensures children fully understand how to stay safe online.

Click here for our 3-year rolling E-Safety programme. 

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