If you would like to get in touch with Ms Barwell or find out more about her role, please contact the school office.


Home School Link Worker

As part of our provision at Middle Barton we have a Home School Link Worker (HSL) for two afternoons a week. Home School Link Workers can provide advice and information to parents and carers as well as supporting children and young people in dealing with temporary or longer term problems - such as children who are anxious or withdrawn, behaviour, bereavement, parental separation, illness and domestic abuse. They work closely with both schools and families and are able to link with a wide range of other agencies and sources of support and advice.

Types of support available:

Ms barwell is a link between home and school and will be able to offer support such as:

  • helping with links between you and school and guide you through the education system.

  • supporting you at school meetings.

  • guiding you to local parenting courses and family learning.

  • supporting families going through change such as parental separation or bereavement.

  • helping to involve and support you with your child’s learning.

  • helping families where children are reluctant to come to school or have been excluded.

  • giving you practical support with form filling and the Early Help Assessment (EHA) process.

  • accompanying parents and carers to meetings e.g. health and social care.

  • providing a link with the SENCo and support families with SEN issues.

  • providing links to agencies which offer support in areas including chronic illness, domestic abuse, alcohol and drug addiction, housing, social care and debt.

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