At Middle Barton our school aims are that we endeavour ‘to maximise the potential of every child’ with a shared understanding that every child has the potential to achieve excellence, regardless of gender, background or additional needs. Middle Barton School is committed to providing an inclusive environment that encourages all pupils to reach their full potential, including those with SEND and those identified as being Able, Gifted or Talented. 


The documents in this section of the website provide more detail about our approach to supporting pupils with special educational needs. If you would like to find out more, please contact Miss Hannah Smith, our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCo) or Mrs. Jane Tailby, Headteacher, using the contact details on the homepage. We will be very happy to answer any questions that you might have so please feel free to come and see us. 

Click on this link or the video to find out more about the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information, Advice and Support Service. SENDIASS can support you and your child in your EHCP application, meetings with agencies and also offers training and advice for young people with learning or physical disabilities. 

A whole school approach to SEND:

At Middle Barton School, we are committed to nurturing excellence in all of our pupils. We know that all of the children in our school have unique talents, but that, at some point, many children may find some aspects of school – be they academic, social, emotional or behavioural – more challenging. All staff at Middle Barton School share a commitment to supporting any child with an additional or special need, be this a short-term problem related to a very small part of the curriculum or school life, or more complex needs.

We strive to provide the support each pupil needs in order for them to become a motivated and successful learner. This support takes different forms for each child, but some of our strategies include:


  • Inclusive ‘quality first teaching’ in the classroom, with activities adapted to meet the needs of each child. Work planned for each child is based on detailed and careful ongoing assessment by well-trained teachers and teaching assistants, and is designed to engage and motivate all pupils

  • Clear feedback to pupils through high quality marking and discussion about their learning

  • Good relationships with parents, built on regular contact and a number of more formal meetings – including, for example, parent consultations, structured conversations, or target review meetings (for those pupils on the SEN register) three times each year

  • Individual curricular targets literacy and maths, addressing each child’s specific next steps in learning

  • Employing intervention teachers or utilising teaching assistants or expertise within the school for those pupils who might require extra support in reading, writing and maths

  • A range of proven intervention programmes, delivered by teachers and teaching assistants.

  • Working closely with other agencies, including speech therapists, PSA (Parent Support Advisor), the educational psychology service, school counsellor and CAMHS, to develop the support we are able to provide and to assist with target-setting and intervention work

  • A clear and regularly reviewed anti-bullying policy aimed at ensuring Middle Barton School is welcoming and inclusive to all pupils, regardless of any difficulties they may face




Provision for SEND:

We are able to offer access to the following provision to support our pupils with SEND:


Communication and Interaction:

Individual social stories

Spirals (intervention programme)

Talking Partners (intervention programme)

Language and Communication Advisory Teacher (LACAT)

Access to a Play Therapist

Our reading dog, Tara (Kennel Club certified)

Lego Therapy (intervention)

Cognition and Learning:

Quality First Teaching 

Access to SENSS Team

Access to an Educational Psychologist

Direct Phonics (individual/group support)

Every Child a Counter style support (group/individual support)

Numbers and Patterns (group support)

Paired reading

Rapid Maths (intervention programme)

Reading Recovery Programme using graded phonic books (intervention programme)

1st Class @ Number (intervention programme)

1st Class @ Writing (intervention programme)

Jelly and Bean (maths intervention)

George's Marvellous Maths (maths intervention)

Project X (reading programme)


Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs:

Access to a counsellor

Individual Support Plan

Individual timetable

Nurture groups

Planning for transition times

Risk assessments

Access to PCHAMS

Parent Support Advisor

Social stories

Sensory and Physical Needs:

Disabled toilet and changing facility

Alternatives to traditional written formats considered, i.e. typing up work

Fine and Gross motor skill support (individual/group support)


Partnership with parents and carers:

As part of the school development plan, we aim to strengthen our partnership with all families of pupils in our school. Parents are always involved in writing the outcomes for pupils at the SEN reviews throughout the year. The school also runs workshops and forums to support parents with homework, ICT, understanding SEN, maths strategies, phonics and literacy work. Parents are always welcome to talk to their child’s class teacher or to the SENDCo and can do so by popping into the office to make an appointment for an informal meeting to raise any concerns or just to catch up on progress.

Middle Barton School employs a part time Parent Support Advisor (PSA) who is trained to support families who may additional support for themselves and/or their children with a range of issues from bereavment to challenging behaviour.

SEND Workshop for Parents

For those of you who were unable to attend our SEN workshop, you can view and download the materials we shared here. There are also leaflets available in reception detailing our provision for those with SEN at Middle Barton School as well as helpful information and support for parents.

If you do have any questions, please see your child's class teacher or our SENDCo, Miss Smith who will be happy to help you. 


At Middle Barton School, we aim to provide excellent teaching and an outstanding learning experience for all our pupils. We recognise that pupils with very high ability need access to excellent teaching at their level, challenge and an enrched experience which allows them to develop fully as well rounded individuals. 

At Middle Barton School our More Able, Gifted and Talented (AGT) Leader is Ms Charlie Barwell.  Parents and carers are welcome to speak to Ms Barwell about how we identify and provide for pupils on the register. 


We provide for able, gifted and talented pupils through the following:


  • recognising the entitlement of able, gifted and talented pupils

  • identifying able, gifted and talented pupils

  • monitoring and evaluating progress of able, gifted and talented pupils

  • encouraging able, gifted and talented pupils to work at a higher cognitive level, developing skills of personal enquiry

  • providing opportunities for able, gifted and talented pupils to use higher order thinking skills

  • providing opportunities for able, gifted and talented pupils to develop specific talents both within and outside the school environment

  • provide opportunities for the whole child to develop socially and intellectually, developing a learning culture for the whole school community

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